Gratitude at Age 40

Wherein I share some reflections about some of the gratitude I feel, even if perhaps overly wordy or sentimental, while turning the wheel past the 40 mark today. I’m so very grateful.

For family, whose love and presence, whose pain and suffering, shared in a circle, fuel joy and growth, hurt, experience, and aliveness.

For loneliness and solitude, wherein the infinite and the abyss come together.

For friends and peers, who inspire, cajole, translate, celebrate and teach by virtue of walking the same craggy paths in life, but with wholly different vistas.

For mentors and teachers, whose wisdom and love echoes in every action and thought, whose presence and persistence pay off in ways unseen to them, across time and space.

For human progress and intelligence, which despite a cacophony of population explosion and resource disharmony, have produced inestimable advances in the last two hundred years, accelerating in the past twenty.

For God, the universal source of all, the transcendent field in which we live and breathe and have our being, a superset of the sciences and the arts, beyond religion.

For health and illness, one hand constantly cleaning the other.

For adversity and pain which tempers the ego, and points the way to truth.

For forgiveness, that most difficult foil for the ego to embrace, whose sweet gifts release internal prisoners of war to healing and productive employment in the self.

For mercy and justice, the equilibrium of which is always sought and rarely found, but the seeking leads us on an honorable journey.

For travels in foreign lands, and among the wilds of the Earth, through which portals of a deeper, endless memory emerge. The pool of the All is so vast and beautiful.

For delusions and visions, lofty aspirations and romantic ideals, in dreams remembered at the break of day, coupled with the terrible, harsh noontime reality with its intemperate weather and endless problems, and the resulting mashup of dream-imbued daylight that somehow emerges.

For heart ache, and heartbreak, whose cavernous pain stretch the elastic of love and self.

For the mythmakers and storytellers, actors, directors, artists, dancers, writers, musicians that reveal ourselves in epic, prismatic dimensions, weaving ever new consciousness. But especially for actors, those committed explorers of spirit and human nature, who throw all of themselves into the mix, in a sacrifice that transforms and transmutes.

For the silence between two waves of the sea, where the true inner sanctum can be found, with all the riches of the temple, in a condition of complete simplicity.

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