Talk to the drivers — yes! Amazing and good people, all of them. I’ve met Uber and Lyft drivers who:

  • Have a seasonal and odd job and use driving to fill in the gaps
  • Are retired and use driving to supplement income and be social.
  • Are going through life changes and need a transition job fast.
  • Have lots of kids with crazy scheduling and need super flexibility.
  • Are just arriving in Austin and need help getting settled in and familiar.
  • Just sold their startup and are passing the time and meeting people.
  • Are early stage entrepreneurs driving as a ‘day job’ while starting off.
  • Play in a band and use driving as a day job with no boss, no fixed hours
  • Just love people, and love driving people around.

The peer economy is about connecting people.

Founder of [A] (, content engineering author & speaker. Topics: content systems, customer experience, strategy, digital transformation, AI

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