The Invisible World of Content — New Series Releasing in 2021

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In the content industry, we often focus on educating content professionals. But as many of [A] clients and peers have realized over the years, real change in content systems is an organic, holistic process.

Creating customer experiences from content involves the wider ecosystem outside of content teams. Moving towards responsive, context-aware experiences creates even more interdependence on others. Every time content touches a system, process, channel, or interface…we need to collaborate. In customer experiences driven by content and creative we are never alone! The more aligned the collaboration, the better the outcomes.

Opening up the party

We need to open the content conversation to new participants. Often content folks have already been through a journey of discovery. They know why content is valuable, how to work with it, and already support the changes. That’s wonderful. It’s the essential seeds of change. And, it’s not enough to move the organization as a whole forward. Leaders need the momentum of shared understanding to generate change.

That’s why [A] has sponsored a public educational series, The Invisible World of Content, that will release over two seasons in 2021. In introducing this new series, we hope to build bridges with designers, developers, executives, project sponsors, product owners, and all those that USE content but never give it much thought. We hope to give content advocates new words, visuals, frameworks, and tools to advance the adoption of intelligent content systems.

Helping content leaders connect the dots

It’s hard to be a content leader today. [A] clients, and content leaders everywhere, find themselves advocating for significant changes in behavior and technology and approaches within organizations that, to put it lightly, aren’t always embracing systemic change with open arms. It’s a quest with huge implications, fraught with peril.

So! We aim to open minds, inspire ideas and actions, and support the content professionals that have been working so hard — for years, decades even — to advocate for the rightful place knowledge and content should have in any organization.

The nature of knowledge — it’s forms, expressions, methods, systems — will all change dramatically over the next decade, at a pace not yet seen in human history. The keepers of knowledge need as much support, coherence, and alignment as possible. We hope The Invisible World of Content will play a role, even if a modest one.

I’ve seen the future. And it’s all of us.

Most everyone reading this has a stake in the healthy formation of the next generation of knowledge assets and their use in the intelligent systems that will shape our collective future. So thank YOU for everything you do to make that future brighter. Smarter. More accessible, relevant, and responsive.

Navigating change isn’t easy, but it’s better when we support each other.

As of this writing, the series is in final production on the first season. The first episodes will be released every couple weeks starting in later January.

Building an educational series has been a *ton* more effort than anticipated…and we anticipated a lot! Hats off to all those amazing YouTube educational shows — they make it look so easy.

But even though it’s our first go at such an endeavor, I’m so excited to share what we have been able to put together! It feels like it *might* just start to move the needle for helping to elevate content’s role. Hopefully, more people from more disciplines and more stages of career will get a meaningful peek into the beautiful invisible worlds of ideas and their expressions in words, pictures, and other tools of knowing…that stuff we call content.

And, either way, we will learn a lot together.

Subscribe to get Episode Alerts

Will you join us? The episodes will be freely available via a YouTube channel. You are invited to subscribe to the channel. It’s just getting off the ground, so your early subscriptions make a difference in visibility. And if you click on the bell, YouTube will notify you of releases as they come out.

Well wishes for the new year, 2021. May the path ahead benefit from the lessons behind. One step at a time!

Founder of [A] (, content engineering author & speaker. Topics: content systems, customer experience, strategy, digital transformation, AI

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